The 10X feat. Ben Schuller - "Skull and Bones" (audio) (premiere)

Nashville-based project releases anthemic tune heavy on glossy production and layered melodies.

The 10X’s stock and trade is crafting anthemic indie rock with a veneer of glossy production. Wave-crashing percussion, intertwining guitar hooks, and tapestries of synths support songwriter Jeff Gingrich’s emotive vocals. There’s a degree of ‘80s new wave revivalism, with U2 and the Killers standing as obvious reference points.

“Skull and Bones”, the Nashville project’s latest single, bears these hallmarks in spades. With a cinematic thrust, Gingrich sings of a dreamy wanderlust, of battling cynicism with idealism, and finding yourself in the context of a new locale. Featured on the tune is singer/producer Ben Schuller, who like Gingrich relocated to Nashville from their native Michigan.

Gingrich answered a few questions ahead of the song’s October 18 release.

How’d the collaboration with Ben Schuller come about?

Ben and I have known each other through the music scene since 2011. We did some small collaborations in Michigan that didn't end up being released. back in 2014 I believe. He helped me out during my move to Nashville and we ended up living a few miles away here. It was really a matter of time as I have been singing back up or helping with some of his music projects.

What was the inspiration for the tune?

I am writing right now for a larger release and I found the chorus melody of this song in an old demo as the guitar lead line. I came across it right when I moved to Nashville, so naturally being new here, the lyrics about "this is who I am" came first. I always have a hard time with my verses. When Ben first heard the song, he wrote an alternate chorus, which I spun around, changed, and ended up manufacturing the verses from that idea.

Is “Skull and Bones” part of a forthcoming EP or LP?

This is the first single to be released that will also be included on the LP. We are hoping to have it ready for ears by the end of the first quarter of 2017. It will include the previous EP and these subsequent singles.

Where is the song available for download or purchase?

This song is out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and Google. You can even Shazam it.

What’s on the 10X’s horizon?

This move has been interesting in that I have been slow to play in Nashville. This next year will see the LP release and see a lot of Midwest shows. Who knows? We've got a couple people asking to see us on the West Coast.





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