Tokyo Morose – “Every Night” (video) (Premiere)

“Every Night” is one of those rare mood pieces that commands attention rather than fading to background accompaniment, informing whatever else is going on around you. What starts off cool and austere grows with a warmth that envelopes you almost without you realizing it. This is by design as Tokyo Morose’s focus is equally aimed at atmosphere and melody. The Grand Rapids, Michigan quartet mixes synths, down-tempo beats and fluid guitar lines amid an intimate production colored by quirky flourishes. At the center of it all are the haunting and captivating vocals of Erin Lenau, disarming one moment and catching you off guard the next with an emasculating put-down.

The band released the song’s official video on 13 November, a little more than a year since they dropped their album from which the song hails, Sequence of Steps. Filmed in Grand Rapids and at the Saugatuck Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan, the video is an apt visual representation of their sound, tranquil shots of the band hanging out in the sand at sunset interspersed with them performing against a stark backdrop.

If you dig the tune, do yourself a favor and buy the band’s 10-song LP, available on their Bandcamp page.

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