Bedroom Shrine - "Protector" (audio) (Premiere)

Bedroom Shrine's "Protector" is a tune that evokes dusty, barren landscapes that countless Westerns have taken much more time to capture.

Sand-swept valleys, piercing rays of sun, and endless desert roads are all images brought to the mind by the first strum of the guitar in "Protector," a track off of Bedroom Shrine's upcoming album No Déjà Vu. The twangy guitars and Tom-Petty esque vocals also add to this lonesome, rugged sonic terrain; after only two and a half short minutes, "Protector" leaves quite a visual impression. Even more enticing is the tune's cliffhanger ending: "Back to another time / Back to another day / When we were on the run." The last note of the song doesn't land with the impact that one would normally get had it landed predictably on the tonic, but the band's small decision here makes the ending all the more effective.

Bambi Suits, rhythm guitarist for Bedroom Shrines, says of "Protector", "The song 'Protector' is about the turning point in relationships. While each relationship, whether it is romantic in nature or a friendship gone away, has its own set of struggles, we must all deal with the loss life brings us through these interactions. This song explores these emotions through a landscape of confusion and acceptance."

No Déjà Vu is out on June 10th through Cartouche.

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