Lindsey Cohen - 'Distance Makes Me Sensitive' (EP stream) (Premiere)

New York City singer/songwriter Lindsey Cohen brings rocking riffs and pensive introspection in equal measures with her new EP, Distance Makes Me Sensitive.

Lindsey Cohen, a native of New York City and a student of Columbia University, kicks off her EP Distance Makes Me Sensitive with the garage rock of "Unhappy Ending". Yet despite the bitter breakup musings that make up that track's lyrical matter, Cohen sounds far from unhappy as a musician; in fact, this EP finds her discovering even more rock-driven energy and edge that her 2014 debut Grace Under Pressure hinted at. With rock numbers like "Unhappy Ending" coexisting comfortably alongside piano-driven syncopation ("Exhausted") and pseudo-Gothic lyricism ("Vampire"), Distance Makes Me Sensitive is sure to find some way to stick in your brain.

Cohen tells PopMatters, "With Distance Makes Me Sensitive, each song tells a different story, but shares common themes of betrayal, frustration, and strength. I wanted the sound and feel of the EP to reflect the different stories, but still feel connected. I love when lyrics in songs I listen to relate to experiences that I have had, and I hope that people can get that same sense of connection when they listen to my music."

Distance Makes Me Sensitive is out on 21 April via CEN/RED.

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