The Bronx: III

The Bronx
White Drugs

“I wanna be original, I wanna be surrounded by art/ but everything is digital the formulas are falling apart.” This initial exclamation by the Bronx on their third full-length release unfortunately seems to encompass the problems plaguing this current incarnation. While in the past (namely the debut self-titled LP) their bellicose hardcore punk exuded raw energy and cathartic fury, the new disc exudes a clean computerized sheen that robs it of its punk bristle. While the tunes on III are more rock oriented, the righteous indignation of hardcore punk that has always been the strength of the Bronx shines through, albeit somewhat murkily. As a live band the Bronx are furious and uncompromising. A return to DIY hardcore aesthetics may find this ferocity translated to record — a quality that is regrettably smothered by an ill-advised rock ’n’ roll swagger and a sterile production.

RATING 5 / 10