Alex Di Leo Searches for Love’s Disappearing “High” (premiere)

Florida-based songwriter, Alex Di Leo's soulful, minimalistic pop is hook-laden and restorative on "High".

For Lauderdale-based singer-songwriter Alex Di Leo’s latest single “High”. The stand-alone single, produced by Phil Barnes speaks to his ability to create uplifting hooks that rest on the precipice between resolve and resignation, between hope and heartbreak. With a soulful vocal performance that rises above sparse musical settings, Di Leo proves himself a rare commodity in this brand of pop. He is an artist who effortlessly melds simplicity with profundity without pretension.

Di Leo says of the song that “It’s about the loss of that initial feeling in a relationship. This addictive, alluring and beautiful aura that just pulled you away from reality. The ‘come-down’ or the sobriety is a dark reminder of the world without it, which is what makes you crave that high with that person over and over again.”

In addition to the new single, Di Leo’s output includes the EPs Strange Open Land and So We Go (2016). The latter saw land significant airplay on the U.S. college charts and become a significant force on the concert stage.

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