HAIM Create Their Best Album with 'Women in Music Pt. III'

On Women in Music Pt. III, HAIM are done pretending and ready to be themselves. By learning to embrace the power in their weakest points, the group have created their best work to date.


ARI Tackles Her Inner Turmoil on "Cold War" (premiere)

Rising pop artist ARI turns to elements of rock to develop her new single, "Cold War", a song that examines her own struggles with bringing her worlds together.


Luke Top's Eclectic "Poltergeist" Marries World and Pop Influences (premiere)

Luke Top's "Poltergeist" offers an unexpected confluence of influences, that range from reggae to pop and exotica. Proceeds from streams and sales go to the Loveland Foundation.


Japan's MIREI Honors Sade With a Take on "No Ordinary Love" (premiere)

Electropop artist MIREI's rendition of Sade's R&B classic "No Ordinary Love" is a reminder of the love that exists between all of us, even in times of uncertainty and disconsolation.


Pop's Alvarez Kings Find "Words I Couldn't Say" (premiere)

Yorkshire's Alvarez Kings deliver the emotionally-charged, hook-filled "Words I Couldn't Say". "It's the burden of the truth and a lie that is too heavy to carry," says vocalist Simon Thompson.


Wesley Dean Encourages Us to Find Our Inner "Magik" (premiere)

Australia's Wesley Dean meshes elements of pop and Americana into a compassionate, confident anthem about self-love and discovery on "Magik".


Indie Pop's Easy Love Charms With "Cool Type" (premiere)

Indie popper Easy Love previews her new LP Wander Feeler with "Cool Type's" shimmering pop perfection.


Brits in Hot Weather Presents: Phoebe Katis

From emotive funk and pastoral folk to bright electropop and soulful pop, Phoebe Katis skillfully balances contemplative, fragile melodies with catchy, uptempo hooks.


Counterbalance 20: The Beatles - 'Abbey Road'

The Beatles once again make their way onto the list with their 1969 tour de force Abbey Road. Halfway through, Klinger and Mendelsohn realize they can steal but they cannot rob.


Jason Mraz Emphasizes Reggae and Positivity on 'Look for the Good'

There's nothing inherently off about his Jason Mraz's new album, but a glance at his past records makes Look for the Good feel a bit lackluster.


This Rainbow Dragon Has Fire Inside: An Interview with Keiynan Lonsdale

For outspoken actor and singer Keiynan Lonsdale, his unabashedly queer debut album centers on sexuality and politics, making for a striking release in the age of quarantine. "There's rhythm to it: there's rhythm in blackness, and it's saying 'Stop being crazy, stop being dangerous, quiet the fuck down, and move your feet.'"


Are We Having a Conversation? An Interview With Butch Walker

Butch Walker delivers what is arguably his most ambitious release to date with American Love Story. "I'm calling everybody out," he says, about a record that he concedes may not be for everyone.


Blanco White Yearns for Home on Debut 'On the Other Side'

British singer-songwriter Blanco White's debut full-length On The Other Side seeks to translate Spanish and Latin influences into a dreamy pop sound, for better and for worse.


Third Culture Kings Are Happy to Be in "Second Place" (premiere)

Psychedelic pop's Third Culture Kings share "Second Place", a dreamy pop tune that gets a new lease on life. Celebrating the underdog has rarely felt so good.


Paul Weller Discusses 'On Sunset' and the Post-Pandemic World

Paul Weller has no interest in accolades but only pushing his sound in new directions. The British music legend talks about his album On Sunset and what his own future will be in a post-pandemic world.


Contrastography: Prince vs. Bob Dylan

Contrastography compares the histories of two famous entities to display some unusual coincidences. First up is Prince vs. Bob Dylan.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

I Went on a Jewel Bender During Quarantine. This Is My Report.

COVID-19 sure sucked the life out of things. I found some comfort in Jewel. That's right. Jewel.


Dancing in the Street: Our 25 Favorite Motown Singles

Detroit's Motown Records will forever be important as both a hit factory and an African American-owned label that achieved massive mainstream success and influence. We select our 25 favorite singles from the "Sound of Young America".


Sondre Lerche Rewards 'Patience' with Clever and Sophisticated Indie Pop

Patience joins its predecessors, Please and Pleasure, to form a loose trilogy that stands as the finest work of Sondre Lerche's career.

My Favorite Thing

Weird and Sweet, Riotous and Hushed: The Beatles' 'The White Album'

The Beatles' 'The White Album' is a piece of art that demonstrates how much you can stretch, how far you can bend, how big you really are. The album is deeply weird. It has mass. It has its own weather.


Sondre Lerche and the Art of Radical Sincerity

"It feels strange to say it", says Norwegian pop artist Sondre Lerche about his ninth studio album, "but this is the perfect time for Patience. I wanted this to be something meaningful in the middle of all that's going on."


​Nearly 50 and Nearly Unplugged: 'ChangesNowBowie' Is a Glimpse Into a Brilliant Mind

Nine tracks, recorded by the BBC in 1996 show David Bowie in a relaxed and playful mood. ChangesNowBowie is a glimpse into a brilliant mind.


Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' Hides Its True Intentions Behind Dancefloor Exuberance

Lady Gaga's Chromatica is the most lively and consistent record she's made since Born This Way, embracing everything great about her dance-pop early days and giving it a fresh twist.


The Kinks and Their Bad-Mannered English Decency

Mark Doyles biography of the Kinks might complement a seminar in British culture. Its tone and research prove its intent to articulate social critique through music for the masses.


Electropop's Sarah Walk Celebrates Queer Identity With "What Do I Want?" (premiere)

Pop's Sarah Walk moves in an electropop direction with her latest single "What Do I Want?". It's part of a new album that tackles the difficult issues nearly all women face in patriarchal societies, especially queer women.


Aubrey Haddard Embraces Classic Pop with "Thin Line" (premiere)

Boston singer-songwriter Aubrey Haddard offers up a terrific, poppy earworm on her new single and video, "Thin Line".


Charli XCX Tells Us 'How I'm Feeling Now'

Charli XCX uses her isolation as inspiration for a brand new record conceived during the pandemic. How I'm Feeling Now captures the frustrations and pleasures of confinement with a feisty attitude.


Janelle Loes' "The One You Call Your Love" Is a 21st Century Callback to '60s Pop (premiere)

Folk-pop's Janelle Loes teams up with Norwegian singer-songwriter Kevin Steinway for a charming duet inspired by retro pop.


Rachael Sage's "Blue Sky Days" Celebrates the Human Spirit (premiere)

Rachael Sage's "Blue Sky Days" was written in light of her recovery from endometrial cancer, but the uplifting pop tune feels like everyone's anthem in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Counterbalance No. 16: David Bowie - 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars'

Up next for the Counterbalance series is David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Press your space face close to mine!


Joy Oladokun's "bad blood" Is Mesmerizing, Meditative, Healing Pop (premiere)

Joy Oladokun uses various roots music influences on her serene and memorable new tune, "bad blood", a song that she describes as "an apology".


Nicki Minaj Is the Greatest Rapper of the Decade Bar None

2020 and it's finally time to acknowledge Nicki Minaj's right to G.O.A.T. status, as the best female rapper AND the best rapper of the past ten years — no gender preposition required.


Zeshan B Mixes Irresistible Music and Important Real World Musings on "Only in My Dreams" (premiere)

Zeshan B's latest track "Only in My Dreams" is full of hooks and heart. He says that the melody "arrived in a dream during a period plagued by insomnia, undiagnosed sleep apnea, and severe depression".

Jordan Blum

The Beatles 'Let It Be': So Good They Ruined It for Everyone

The Lumineers' Wesley Schultz recalls the Beatles' influence on his band, perhaps most of all the Let It Be album, released 50 years ago this month and the subject of a forthcoming documentary.


Imogen Clark Celebrates Personal Strength With "Found Me" (premiere)

Australian pop/country artist Imogen Clark displays strength, determination to live beyond personal pain via the new single, "Found Me".

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