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Kimm Rogers' "Lie" Is an Unapologetically Political Tune (premiere)

San Diego's Kimm Rogers taps into frustration with truth-masking on "Lie". "What I found most frustrating was that no one would utter the word 'lie'."


The 10 Best John Lennon Solo Songs

The 10 Best Snippets from the Solo Sonic Psychology of John Winston Ono Lennon.


'Melanie C' is Ready to Be Herself

On her self-titled eighth solo album, Melanie C is finally ready to shatter the illusion and to form her true self among the pieces.


The Sentimental Journey of John Lennon's "Imagine"

In the decades since John Lennon's death, "Imagine" ironically has become associated not with revolution or anti-establishment protest, but with the warm fuzziness of a comfortable dream that seems beyond our grasp.


John Lennon and Location: Someone's Time in New York City

John Lennon's new adopted country and hometown became the inspiration for one of his most sprawling, savage albums, Some Time in New York City.

Gabi Tartakovsky

David Poe Releases Smart, Sophisticated "Gun for a Mouth" (premiere)

David Poe's "Gun for a Mouth" works in a fine tradition of smart, hook-driven American songwriting that lands between Matthew Sweet and Kevin Gilbert.


Tiphanie Doucet's "You and I" Is an Exercise in Pastoral Poignancy (premiere)

French singer-songwriter Tiphanie Doucet gives a glimpse of her upcoming EP, Painted Blue, via the sublimely sentimental ode, "You and I".


Gloom Balloon Deliver an Uplifting Video for "All My Feelings For You" (premiere)

Gloom Balloon's Patrick Tape Fleming considers what making a music video during a pandemic might involve because, well, he made one. Could Fellini come up with this plot twist?


Hear the New, Classic Pop of the Parson Red Heads' "Turn Around" (premiere)

The Parson Red Heads' "Turn Around" is a pop tune, but pop as heard through ears more attuned to AM radio's glory days rather than streaming playlists and studio trickery.


The Flat Five Invite You to "Look at the Birdy" (premiere)

Chicago's the Flat Five deliver an exciting new single that exemplifies what some have called "twisted sunshine vocal pop".


Alt-pop's merci, mercy Warns We May "Fall Apart"

Australian alt-pop singer-songwriter, merci, mercy shares a video for her catchy, sophisticated anthem, "Fall Apart".


Pop's Cristina Hart May Be a "Bad Girlfriend" But She's Honest

London's Cristina Hart may be a "Bad Girlfriend", but she has a way with a catchy dance pop tune.


Irish Alt-Pop Artist Rebekah Fitch Faces Loss on "Dust" (premiere)

Irish alt-pop singer-songwriter Rebekah Fitch possesses a powerful and moving voice filled with emotion, and her latest single "Dust" is a gorgeous elegy on loss.


Will Wood Works His Madcap Magic on "BlackBoxWarrior - OKULTRA [Live in Studio]" (premiere)

Mixing characteristic singer-songwriter refinement with wacky orchestral flair, "BlackBoxWarrior - OKULTRA" demonstrates what makes Will Wood's The Normal Album so praiseworthy.


Yachtclub101 Mix Synthpop and Cats on "Leave Me Alone" (premiere)

Yachtclub101's "Leave Me Alone" sparkles with glorious pop melodies, bubbly synths, infectious dance beats, sing-along choruses, and cats.


Badfinger's Joey Molland Tells the Story of the "Rainy Day Man" (premiere)

Badfinger's Joey Molland shares "Rainy Day Man" ahead of a new album. At 73, Molland remains optimistic about the future. "I'm a positive guy and I don't care how dire a situation looks," he says.


Ty Trehern Explores Letting Go With "Better Off" (premiere)

"Better Off" highlights alternative pop's Ty Trehern's marriage of dark and light. "There is a difference between wants and needs," he says.


Emi Meyer Ascends Into "Space" (premiere)

Singer-songwriter Emi Meyer impresses with the soulful and nuanced balladry of her new single, "Space".


The Wisdom, Worry, and Wonder of Hit-Making Producer Ricky Reed

As the go-to producer for everyone from Lizzo to Twenty-One Pilots, Ricky Reed is at the top of his game. Discussing his new solo venture, The Room, the hitmaker opens up about his inspirations, collaborators, and hopes for a better future.


Katy Perry Struggles to Get Out of Her Head on 'Smile'

Think of Smile as Katy Perry doing the work to (eventually) get her groove back: she's recharging. Smile plays like a necessary centering exercise, indulging her insecurities and less surefire instincts.


Luna Shadows Takes Her Alt-Pop Back to "The Nineties"

Los Angeles alt-pop artist Luna Shadows confronts contemporary anxieties with a bit of light nostalgia on her new single, "The Nineties".


River Hooks Gazes Soulfully at "Mountains" (premiere)

Fans of Billie Eilish, Chelsea Cutler, and Jessie Reyez will find elements of the familiar here, but River Hooks proves herself as an artist with her own voice working in a well-honored tradition.


Funk Rock and Synthesizers in Munich: Queen's 'The Game' at 40

For their eighth studio album, The Game, Queen ushered in the 1980s with a streamlined sound and an instrument they formerly took great pains to avoid.


​Australia's CXLOE Makes an Anthem of Love and Loneliness with "One and Lonely"

Australian pop artist CXLOE has released her latest single "One and Lonely", another proper anthem from the rising artist that has already racked up more than 32 million streams.


Taylor Swift's "seven" Marks the End of Innocence

Taylor Swift's childhood has frequently acted as the rare domain that can neither be snatched by tabloids nor staked out by fans, but "seven" from her latest LP folklore presents a narrative of innocence dragged out of a child by abuse.


Video Age Show How Much They Love the 1980s on 'Pleasure Line'

Pleasure Line shows that Video Age clearly have the musical chops to pull off a precise pastiche, but it also shows a band that went too far down that rabbit hole.


Lita Sings a Tale of the Blonde from Trastevere on "Bionda" (premiere)

Roman singer Lita, now in Los Angeles, reconnects with her roots on her new single, "Bionda". Lita aims to take that Italian-American tradition into pop's present.


Nashville's Brontë Fall Have Finished with School

Folk-pop's Brontë Fall opt for a black leather jacket instead of a wedding dress in their version of Finishing School.


Funky Starwolf Has a "Bad Feeling" (premiere)

St. Louis funk-poppers Starwolf release "Bad Feeling" in which dreamy funk and soul vibes abound.


Katy Perry's Coming-of-Age Album 'Teenage Dream' at 10 Years Old

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is a pensive coming-of-age statement disguised as sophomoric pop fun. It proves how it takes a great deal of conviction to pursue instincts that are of less "substance".


A New Erasure Album Is Precisely What This Pandemic Needs

Cue Erasure's new album: The Neon. Music may not by itself cure our societal ills, but the virtue of superb electropop is that it helps make them seem a bit less insurmountable.


Cajun Popsters Sweet Crude Get Deep and Emotional with "Impuissance" (premiere)

Cajun popsters Sweet Crude share a new video for "Impuissance" featuring the stirring vocals of Alexis Marceaux and celebrating the intersection of tradition and innovation.


Natalie Schlabs Starts Living the Lifetime Dream With "That Early Love" (premiere + interview)

Unleashing the power of love with a new single and music video premiere, Natalie Schlabs is hoping to spread the word while letting her striking voice be heard ahead of Don't Look Too Close, the full-length album she will release in October.


Rufus Wainwright Makes a Welcome Return to Pop with 'Unfollow the Rules'

Rufus Wainwright has done Judy Garland, Shakespeare, and opera, so now it's time for Rufus to rediscover Rufus on Unfollow the Rules.


Songwriter Shelly Peiken Revisits "Bitch" for '2.0' Album (premiere)

A monster hit for Meredith Brooks in the late 1990s, "Bitch" gets a new lease on life from its co-creator, Shelly Peiken. "It's a bit moodier than the original but it touts the same universal message," she says.


Leila Sunier Delivers Stunning Preface to New EP via "Sober/Without" (premiere)

With influences ranging from Angel Olsen to Joni Mitchell and Perfume Genius, Leila Sunier demonstrates her compositional prowess on the new single, "Sober/Without".

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