Avantist Tease EP with Single, "_violence" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Carolina Sanchez / Courtesy of Transmission Publicity

Avantist's new single "_violence" invokes a sense of paranoia and building rage built in the computer age.

Chicago's furious, frenetic and yet still deeply melodic Avantist serves up a taste of its forthcoming EP, Terasoma, via the track "_violence". Featuring plenty of the classic, jagged/herky jerky shifts in mood, tempo and timbre we've come to expect from post-punk, the unit tosses in some surprising twists and turns, including a hook that'll leaving you singing "_violence" long after it's come to its strange, left turn conclusion.

Fitting for a track that was written in a most collage-like manner. "We approached that a bit differently than previous songs," the band offered. "The parts and lyrics were written, laid out, and recorded in bits and pieces through the computer, rather than being written together through practice sessions. The result is that of a faux post-punk song with a frenetic backbeat unfolding into a soaring harmonic chorus, flipping seamlessly like two sides of a coin."

With lyrics that touch on lost love and the fears that come with the potential emotional upheaval of a relationship lost, "_violence" isn't necessarily the strangest thing rock music has had to offer but it is a deeply refreshing one.

Terasoma is out June 22 via No Trend Records.

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