Toronto's Bedouin Soundclash Cook Up a Ska-Pop Delight with "Salt Water" (premiere)

Photo: Craig Boyko / Courtesy of Stephanie Weiss PR

Ska pop-rockers Bedouin Soundclash return with their first new music since 2010's Light the Horizon. Hear the brand new track "Salt Water" ahead of a new album releasing later this year.

Canadian ska/alternative rock band Bedouin Soundclash have been around since 2001, but have released only four albums in that time. That's about to change with an album release later this year acting as their first long-player since 2010's Light the Horizon. The band returned in 2018 with six new songs, including the song we're sharing with you today, "Salt Water". Expect to hear this track on the new record along with a host of other new tunes.

"Salt Water" begins with punchy, staccato horns and mellow, poppy melodies that downplay rock elements. It's a ska-pop delight that draws much inspiration from contemporary electropop production. Listen now and catch Bedouin Soundclash at Webster Hall in New York on 21 August with Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Watch for the group's new album later this year from Easy Star Records/Mr. Bongo/Sony Canada.

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