RidingEasy Records Readies New Brown Acid Comp With the Brood’s “The Roach” (premiere)

Brown Acid: The Tenth Trip features some of the most obscure sides on the planet, including this 1969 blues-based ripper that imagines what Motörhead might have sounded like as the house band at a Toledo Holiday Inn.

Brown Acid: The Tenth Trip is the latest installment in the compilation series spearheaded by Permanent Records retailer Lance Barresi. In conjunction with RidingEasy Records, he has now assembled a series of compilations that connect heavy-headed listeners with some of the deepest, rarest mind-bending cuts on the planet. The latest installment arrives 26 June.

Among the tracks featured on The Tenth Tripis a 1969 blues-infused ode to marijuana, “The Roach”. As is often the case with the numbers tracked down for this compilation, information on The Brood and their rollicking joint is hard to come by, so the listener is encouraged to create their own backstory for the band. Perhaps the song was hatched at some dirt-covered roadhouse in the sweltering heat of summer as some groovy children twisted the afternoon away to the band’s mind-bending organ and spooky, otherworldly vocals.

It bodes well for the rest this volume and the future of a series that seems poised to keep bending minds for some time to come.


01. Sounds Synonymous “Tensions”

02. Ralph Williams and the Wright Brothers “Never Again”

03. Conception “Babylon”

04. Bitter Creek “Plastic Thunder”

05. The Rubber Memory “All Together”

06. First State Bank “Mr. Sun”

07. Brothers and One “Hard On Me”

08. Frozen Sun “Electric Soul”

09. The Brood “The Roach”

10. Tabernash “Head Collect”