Photo: Sarah O'Driscoll / Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends

Cam Maclean of Montreal’s Vesuvio Solo Makes Solo Debut Via ‘Wait For Love’ (album stream)

Cam Maclean's soft rock intensive Wait For Love follows path of heartbreak, explores masculinity and redemption.

Wait For Love is the debut album from Cam Maclean, one half of the Montreal duo Vesuvio Solo. The record follows the path of Vesuvio Solo’s last two efforts which landed squarely in the soft rock path albeit with deeply introspective lyrics. With intricate guitar lines and Maclean‘s soothing, emotive vocals, the record covers a range of emotions from heartache and loss to contemporary masculinity and redemption.

“I started to write a lot of the songs on Wait For Love while on tour with Vesuvio Solo,” Maclean says. “I knew, though, that these songs were more personal and that I was definitely working towards putting together an album as a solo artist. Working with my friend Adam Wilcox as producer and co-arranger on this record helped bring the songs to life in a big way (some of which may have been stillborn without his help). Adam and I were both obsessively listening to Carole King’s Tapestry at the time, which got us both thinking about songwriting and musical arrangement very deeply. The production and songwriting influences are quite broad, though, and I am proud of the album as a dynamic showcase of who I am as an artist.”

Wait For Love is out July 6 via Atelier Ciseaux Records.