Photo: Julia Anrather

Grand Kid Thrills with a Live Performance of “They’ll Be” (premiere)

A "final, desperate plea for two dear friends' dysfunctional romance to come to an end", Grand Kid soars throughout this electric, eclectic performance of "They'll Be".

Grand Kid is the sobriquet of Dan Kleederman, inspired by an unusual birthday gift he’d received from his sister in 2012 — a visit to a psychic. According to them, his grandmother who had died in a car accident before his birth was attempting to reach out to him and encourage him to pursue his music. Seven years later and Kleederman is moving ever forward with Grand Kid, a dazzling blend of soulful alternative rock that is an ode to the young and old alike. With striking vocals and a knack for composing and performing eclectic, electric arrangements Kleederman excels in radiating his idiosyncratic mind into his music by the shovelful.

Recorded live at Welterweight, Grand Kid presents an intimate backdrop for a performance of his song, “They’ll Be”. Accompanied by bassist Chris Connors and drummer Alex Goldberg, Kleederman and company soar in a live setting, exploding into a progressively stronger swirl of instrumentation that culminates into an impressive finish. Delightfully off-kilter in a sense that wouldn’t stray too far from the thrills provided by OK, Computer, Grand Kid hits the ground running with this performance and never stops.

Kleederman tells PopMatters, “‘They’ll Be’ is a final, desperate plea for two dear friends’ dysfunctional romance to come to an end. We were all tangled up in a bit of ‘Fleetwood Mac’ situation…if you know what I mean. During the songwriting process, anger and resentment turned to humor and compassion, once again leaving me, and them, with the task of letting go.”