JEMS Offers a Memorable Take on Love, Romance With "Completely" (premiere)

Photo: Cecile Michaelis / Clarion Call Media

Indie folk trio JEMS trace teenage obsession to adult awkwardness "Completely". It's from their debut album that arrives 17 May.

"Completely" is the new video from JEMS, the trio comprised of Emily Colombier, Jessica Rotter, and Sarah Margaret Huff. Culled from the upcoming self-titled release due 17 May, the song blends humor and heartache and sweetness with a steely resolve. The Rotter-directed clip adds an unexpected dimension to the song. A throwback to their middle school years and their shared obsession with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the three young women find themselves doing whatever it will take to get the actor's attention.

The band says, "It's a music video of pure joy and nostalgia for a song about the extreme highs and lows of dating. JEMS embrace the awkwardness of youth, chubby cheeks, and accepting the magic and misery of those middle school feels. Jessica said she was inspired to set this video back in time as a less frustrating way to depict the back and forth of modern romance. When trying to conceptualize the idea for this video, she had a flash of her first crush's face: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. She immediately shared the treatment with the band and they were all on board."

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