MINKA – “I Can’t Shake This Feeling” (video) (premiere)

Brilliantly danceable pop music blends with post-apocalyptic erraticism in MINKA's latest video.

MINKA is all about losing your inhibitions and being the life of a party. Known for their infamously hedonistic live performances, the Philly-based indie dance tribe is at it again with the music video for “I Can’t Shake This Feeling”.

Directed by Dave Jannetta and shot by videographer Drew Saracco, the video for the tune is as MINKA as the band can get. It features all sorts of societal situations gone awry as frontman Dick Ruben combats the rise of modern-day machines. It’s in “you have to see it to believe it” territory, to be certain, and it perfectly matches the catchy erraticism of the song’s throwback electropop vibe.