Miranda Lambert – “Bluebird” (Singles Going Steady)

Miranda Lambert sings her blues the way an artist paints with them on her latest single, "Bluebird".

Mick Jacobs: A novelty solely for turning a “life’s lemons” metaphor into something not about bitterness or lemonade. Miranda Lambert employs similar subversions across the song. Sadness and disappointment find themselves one step behind her, the resourceful, all-knowing pessimist who sings her blues the way an artist paints with them. [8/10]

Steve Horowitz: Miranda Lambert understands that appearing loveable is more important than actually being sweet. Her appeal lies in the double-edged image she presents. Lambert can make the nasty seem adorable and act the innocent while she twists life’s lemons into a mixer for her cocktails. “Bluebird” plays to her strengths. She sounds cute, even though she admits that she’s not afraid to lie and cheat to win at love. Nobody is going to put Lambert in a cage unless she wants to be there. [7/10]

Rich Wilhelm: On her new single, “Bluebird”, Miranda Lambert takes a break from her tough-as-nails image with a philosophical ballad. Not memorable right off the bat, but “Bluebird” does grow on you a bit. [6/10]

Scott Zuppardo: I’m a fan of Lambert’s Americana-leaning work of which I would say this is one. I honestly hate the term “Americana”, and always have, but I enjoy this song quite a bit. [6/10]

Mike Elliott: An instantly catchy melody that crawls inside your head and won’t let go, Lambert owns this easy rolling, swaying minor pop-country masterpiece. Ear candy for the famished. [8/10]

SCORE: 7.00

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