Moon Ruin Lays Out a Crystalline "Tarmac" with Their Latest Single (premiere)

Photo: Stephanie Bartman

This talented trio gives us the first glimpse at their newest project with "Tarmac", which introduces dense layers of live, organic elements into an ethereal electronic landscape.

The brainchild of Jared Bartman, Moon Ruin's story begins some number of years ago across the Illinois countryside. Amidst a slew of projects, life eventually caught up with him between his busy schedule and forced him to consolidate his passions in a big way. With a collection of jobs and a newfound family of his own, he still kept his musical heart beating, keeping a night position with the US postal service while spending the morning with family and developing his new work of art. That isn't to say that Moon Ruin is the work or passion of any sole individual, however, with Bartman having teamed up with Mike Noyce and Liam O'Brien to make their upcoming album, Slow Down Ego, a reality.

From 2015 to 2017, the trio worked tirelessly on the album, coming to accords with one another on the direction their music would take and letting it flourish naturally, over time, from there. "Tarmac" is one of the songs presented to listeners on Slow Down Ego, and it does its part in innovating the ever-growing electronic landscape by inviting live, organic elements into its landscape. What results is a dense, crystalline world of sound to lose oneself in, with a painted atmosphere that you can very nearly touch.

"'Tarmac' was one of the first songs I brought to the table when Mike Noyce and I started demoing songs for the record," says Bartman. "It quickly evolved from a cool unpolished idea to our production team's (myself, Mike Noyce, and Liam O'Brien) favorite song on the record. It was a major challenge to mix the live performance and electronic elements in a way that felt natural, but I think we got there. On the lyrics; this is more of a series of crystallized images from modern life rather than a distinct narrative thread. I hope you enjoy it."

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