Mux Mool - "Starfighter Courage" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Jesska Cvijanovic (214 Photography)

Electronic producer Mux Mool shares his latest track "Starfighter Courage", an ode to the mesmerizing arcade game sounds of the '80s and '90s.

Electronic producer Mux Mool is fascinated by the sounds of classic arcade games as well as abstraction and experimentation. He grew up in Minnesota endlessly absorbed by an inexpensive little sampling keyboard, amazed by how changed when you lower an octave. Mux Mool used that tool and many more keyboards after it to keep chasing the sounds he wanted to create. After a couple of releases through Ghostly International, Mux Mool released his 2016 album Implied Lines via Bandcamp, but now he's re-releasing the record via Young Heavy Souls and adding two tracks, including "Starfighter Courage" that we are premiering today.

"Starfighter Courage" highlights Mux Mool's adoration of game sounds as little blips that recall Pac-Man nestle alongside ray gun bursts underpinned with J. Dilla-esque beats. "'Starfighter Courage' is a track I made when I looked down and saw my whole workstation as a console for a space ship. I realized I had to have the courage to keep piloting my craft. The whole thing has sort of an upbeat mood, which is why it didn't make it onto the original release." It's a clever song that shows how everyday sounds can be re-created as music and fans of Autechre, µ-Ziq, and Aphex Twin will find much to love in Mux Mool's music.

Mux Mool's Implied Lines releases 2 June via Young Heavy Souls and is available for pre-order now.


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