Ryan Martin Sees the "Death of Love" (premiere)

Photo: Eric Akashi

Ryan Martin's music video "Death of Love" features a blend of French New Wave cinema and classic Americana sound.

What do you get when you blend French New Wave cinema with Americana sounds? The new music video for Ryan Martin's "Death of Love", of course. The first single from the New York singer-songwriter's forthcoming album, Gimme Some Light (29 June), its subject matter is just what you might think it is based off of the name. A song defined by heartache, Martin takes a page from the playbook of classic country and folk tunes to make its sense of yearning pop and stick with his audience long after first listen.

Produced by Daniel Weintraub and Carl Welden, Martin's music video does its part to further encapsulate this sense of heartache. Better yet, it does so in style. Drenched in a noir lens and features actors Cornelius McMoyler (who is also the track's pianist), Julia Jade Duffy, and Ryan Martin across a variety of quirky, darkly shots indicative of its cinematic influences.

Gimme Some Light is currently available for digital and vinyl pre-order.

4/18 Brooklyn, NY - Bar Chord
5/9 New York, NY - Sofar Sounds
5/15 Worchester, MA - Sofar Sounds
5/23 New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall
6/23 Danbury, CT - Danbury Artisan Street Fair
7/16 Los Angeles, CA - Love Song Bar
7/17 West Hollywood, CA - State Social House
7/18 San Francisco, CA - Hotel Utah~
7/20 Eugene, OR - Sam Bond's Brewing~
7/21 Portland, OR - The Big Legrowlski~
7/24 Seattle, WA - Renaissance Seattle Hotel~
7/25 Seattle, WA - Lagunitas Brewery Tap Room~
8/4 Cleveland, OH - Coda*
8/5 Nashville, TN - TBD*
8/7 Charlotte, NC - Tommy's Pub*
8/9 Richmond, VA - The Camel*
8/10 New York, NY - Piano's*
8/12 New Market, NH - The Stone Church
*Sharing Bills with: *The Kenny Brother's Band

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