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The Action in 'Avengers: Infinity War' Is Relentless

The focus on Thanos single-handedly saves Avengers: Infinity War from becoming the overstuffed mess many feared and lends the film a relentless action pace more akin to Mad Max: Fury Road than a superhero blockbuster.


Evolving Revolutions in a Devolving World: 'Scarlet #1'

Scarlet Rue returns at a time when corruption and revolution parallel ongoing real-world relevance.


Mixed Matrimonial Machinations in 'Batman #50'

A not-so-memorable marriage of Batman and Catwoman with memorable implications.


Justice in Its Totality: Justice League #1

Upheavals in the DC Universe unleash a new chaos for the Justice League, but only to a point.


Gloriously Destructive Deconstruction in 'Batman: White Knight #6'

A sane Joker's deconstruction of Batman enters uncharted territory, but the endgame still has plenty to prove.


Royal Vulnerabilities and Regal Strength in 'Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1'

Royalty, duty, and civil war throughout Atlantis gives Mera a chance to show why she's a worthy queen.


'Wonder Woman #40' Doesn't Challenge Our Superhero

Wonder Woman's long lost brother comes onto the scene and she gains a new enemy in Silver Swan in this issue, but the drama is pretty lightweight.


The Darkness in 'Blade: Trinity' Ain't Hiding Much

Comics film Blade: Trinity ended the once-promising Blade series on a low note and, in a way, closed the first chapter of the Marvel film boom.


Jokes and Harsh Truths in DC Comics' 'Batman: White Knight #4'

Jack Napier, aka the Joker, exposes the joke in Batman's methods without cracking a smile.


Secrets, Convergence, and the Sacred: DC's 'Doomsday Clock #1'

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank gamble on the sacred status of Watchmen and it pays off.


Fun Finish Can't Save the Day for 'Justice League'

The delightfully cheesy and entertaining conclusion to Zack Snyder's superhero opus makes the rest of this listless, disjointed film all the more infuriating.

J.R. Kinnard

Marvel vs DC: It's a Real 'Slugfest'

Slugfest offers a fascinating look behind the scenes, detailing the treachery and real-life good vs. evil scenarios being played out between the twin giants of comics, DC and Marvel.


Imagine Hannah-Barbera Characters in a Beyond Thunderdome Setting

In Wacky Raceland #1, a post-apocalyptic Hannah-Barbera universe sees what classic characters do now that they're being written to think and act like adults.


As With 'Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2', Every Relationship Faces Challenges

Emotional depth mixed with forced insecurities create a shallow narrative.


Work/Life (Im)balance in 'Batgirl #45'

Barbara Gordon's life continues to evolve, but the impact is limited.


Arrow: Season 4, Episode 1 - "Green Arrow"

Arrow slowly but surely embraces its comic book roots, which results in an exciting season four premiere.


'Starfire #4' Is Feminine, Sexy, and So Much More

The evolution and reclamation of Starfire makes remarkable progress.


Anatomy of a Betrayal in 'Superman #43'

Lois Lane's betrayal is troubling, but underwhelming.


Meddling Progress in 'Wonder Woman #43'

The redemption of Donna Troy begins, but just barely.


A New World of Wonder in 'Justice League Gods and Monsters -- Wonder Woman #1'

A new Wonder Woman explores a new world in a bold new way.


Forging a New Batman in 'Justice League Gods and Monsters: Batman #1'

Making Kirk Langstrom a believable Batman... to an extent, in one of the trinity of prequel books to Justice League: Gods & Monsters.


Trolling the Man of Steel: Superman #41

Superman #41 feels less like a blockbuster movie and more like a teaser trailer.


A Giant-Sized Teaser in 'Justice League of America #1'

A triple-sized story that has limited substance, but a lot of style and even more potential.


'Green Arrow #41' Is Just, Plain, Good Storytelling

A grittier, more grounded Green Arrow is nothing new, especially for fans of CW's Arrow, but Benjamin Percy and Patrick Zircher take that concept to a new level of dark in Green Arrow #41.


'Justice League #41' Chronicles a Catalyst of War

A war of dark secrets, epic scales, and everything in between.


Hollow Redemption in 'Wonder Woman Annual #1'

Wonder Woman responds to the Amazons' atrocities, but it's not in time and not enough.


A Stiff Drink of Humility in 'Superman #40'

A drunk Superman is both entertaining and insightful.


A Confluence of Conflicts in 'Convergence #1'

The arena for a multiversal clash is set, but lacks theatrics.


Exposing Strengths and Weaknesses in 'Batman/Superman Annual #2'

Superman's strengths are once again explored, but his weaknesses tell the story.


'New Suicide Squad #8' Raises More Questions Than Answers

A heated confrontation between Black Manta and Amanda Waller is the highlight of New Suicide Squad #8.


Revealing Strengths and Vulnerabilities

Superman reveals his identity and spends a day without his powers, but he still finds a way to be a heroic ideal.


A Royal Struggle: "Wonder Woman #38"

Wonder Woman is the ultimate feminine ideal, but even she deals with her share of insecurities.


The (Lost) Promise of Paradise: "Superman #36"

Superman faces a daunting challenge to his principles and ideals, but he ends up not having to confront it.


Inspiration of an Ideal: "Superman Unchained #9"

Superman demonstrates his power to inspire in an appropriately effective ending to the series.


Godhood, Womanhood, and Humanity: "Wonder Woman #35"

The culmination of so many battles brings out Wonder Woman's greatest strengths, but not much else.


Lofty Legacies: "Superman: Futures End #1"

An issue about carrying on a legacy, but for only some of the right reasons.

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