Lee Jones' 'Down Into Light' Is a Minutiae-Scanning Beauty of Minimal Techno

Down Into Light feels like the album Lee Jones was always born to make. He's always had a lightness of touch, but here, his touch is more delicate than ever.


"Weird Music Is Still Good": Erik Hall on Isolation and Pulling Off an Impossible Steve Reich-ian Feat

Finding himself at a loose end, Erik Hall doesn't indulge in Netflix marathons or spends time sorting out his closet, instead he recreates Steve Reich's seminal masterpiece Music for 18 Musicians in his basement. And then he tells PopMatters about it.

Ian Rushbury

Markus Floats Creates a Warm Space That Never Dallies in One Place for Long

Third Album reflects experimental electronic artist Markus Floats' belief that music isn't just something one does. It's a life one leads, so each release is an excerpted component of an ongoing and all-encompassing journey.


Erik Hall Is One Musician Taking on Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians'

Erik Hall painstakingly and effectively recreates Steve Reich's minimalist classic, Music for 18 Musicians, with three instruments in his Michigan home studio.


Sylvain Chauveau's 'Life Without Machines' Is an Indictment of How External Forces Falsely Shape Humanity

Whereas so many contemporary albums are created to harness flash and consumption, Life Without Machines allays bedazzlement. Sylvain Chauveau advocates for unplugging and disconnecting, and only then will we truly live.


Clara Engel's 'Hatching Under the Stars' Is the Perfect Accompaniment to Isolation

Dream-folk's Clara Engel sets the stage with an opener on Hatching Under the Stars that's a masterclass in minimalist expansion.


Ryan Rumery's 'At, Apart' Traffics in Nuance in the Face of Isolation

Film music composer Ryan Rumery kicks off a new Bandcamp-only Friday release series with At, Apart, which is devastating in emotional scope and careful sense of arrangement and place.


Brian and Roger Eno's 'Mixing Colours' Is a Celebration of Contemplative Slowness

Brian and Roger Eno's Deutsche Grammophon debut, Mixing Colours, represents a refreshing antithesis of today's harsh and accelerated times.


JOYFULTALK Fires Off the Sound of Brightness and Ambition on 'A Separation of Being'

Canadian musician, composer, and instrument maker, JOYFULTALK produces his third LP, A Separation of Being, which overflows with cohesion and light.


Jazz Meets World Music on Jon Hassell and Farafina's 'Flash of the Spirit'

Originally released at the end of the 1980s to a bemused audience, will Jon Hassell and Farafina's Flash of the Spirit fare any better in the new millennium?


Yann Tiersen's 'Portrait' Is a Fresh Interpretation of Past Glories

Amelie composer Yann Tiersen teams up with a coterie of collaborators on Portrait to revisit works from a 25-year career, with poignant and reinvigorating results.


German Producer Recondite Creates Emotive, Reflective Soundscapes on 'Dwell'

With Dwell, Recondite has once again created a superior set of sensitive, multi-layered compositions full of subtle shades that seem to exist in their own time and place.


Crowhurst + Gavin Bryars Demonstrate the Powers of Collaboration With "Dead Swans of Dreams" (premiere + interview)

Veteran composer Gavin Bryars and "noise guy" Crowhurst present a new LP recorded in a 17th century hotel and brimming with musical imagination. Says Bryars, "To watch what Jay does was, sometimes, beyond my comprehension and I thought, at times, that Jay may be more intelligent than me. But it didn't last long!"


Feeding the Machine: Emptyset Take a Bold Sonic Move with 'Blossoms'

Experimental electronic duo Emptyset make unrelenting noise on their latest project, Blossoms.


Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Bryce Dessner and Eighth Blackbird Collaborate on 'When We Are Inhuman'

A rewarding, enriching and outstanding collaboration between Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bryce Dessner, and Eighth Blackbird makes the old sound new, the new sound old and shines a light on a long lost minimalist composer.


What It Takes to Be Kind: An Interview with Thor Harris

There's still beauty to be found in the best of humanity, says the kindest guy in underground music, Thor Harris of Thor & Friends.


Experimental Ensemble Thor & Friends Share Latest Video "As Above So Below" (premiere)

Enjoy the premiere of experimental ensemble Thor & Friends' video for new song "As Above So Below" as well as receiving a tour of the making of both song and video.


NOUS Takes Listeners on Majestic Post-Rock Journey With "Nighten Gale" (premiere)

Composer Christopher Bono returns with cast of impossibly talented players, including Laurie Anderson and Swans alumni, for the second improvisational NOUS album. Hear the new track "Nighten Gale".


Light Conductor Traverse Into the Realm of Minimalism with 'Sequence One'

Light Conductor produce an immersive journey through drone, kosmische musik, and psychedelia with Sequence One.


Lubomyr Melnyk's 'Fallen Trees' Is a Thing of Uncommon Beauty

The latest album from the Ukranian-born pianist Lubomyr Melnyk combines lush melodies with stunning instrumental technique.


Composer Jozef Van Wissem Shares Stunning New Video for "You Know That I Love You" (premiere)

Dutch minimalist composer and noted lute player Jozef Van Wissem has released a gorgeous new video for his take on a medieval madrigal that sounds beautiful as it did in the 16th century.


Graham Van Pelt Delivers Exciting, Plainly Stated Pop With "Mountainside" (premiere)

Abandoning aliases and going primitive, Canadian electronic artist Graham Van Pelt delivers a performance that is as intriguing as it is honest.


With Dissolvi Producer Steve Hauschildt Steps Into Minimal Techno

Electronic producer Steve Hauschildt leaves behind his trademark cosmic, electronic sound and builds the impressive Dissolvi through minimal motifs and subtle progressions.


Luke Wyland Steps Further Into Experimentalism with LWW

AU mainman Luke Wyland creates a mirror entity, LWW, to his art-pop band, exploring the ideas of improvisation and minimalism on 3PE.


Marc Mellits and New Music Detroit Shred, Soothe, and Smolder on Their First Recorded Collaboration

The hippest composer in post-minimalism today, Marc Mellits, receives an excellent tribute from the superb contemporary music ensemble, New Music Detroit.


Partners in Dissonance: Michael Gordon and the Kronos Quartet Team Up for 'Clouded Yellow'

On-and-off collaborators since 2001, the Kronos Quartet and Bang on a Can co-founder Michael Gordon present an arresting collection of their shared works.


All Four of Arvo Pärt's Symphonies Are Brought Together to Show Us a Fascinating Journey

Arvo Pärt's symphonies have sometimes been dismissed as too bracing and academic to be enjoyed on a basic appreciative level. This new set from ECM seeks to prove otherwise.

Evan Sawdey

Sarah Cahill Honors Terry Riley in a Moving, Pristine Four-Disc Collection

Eighty Trips Around the Sun: Music by and for Terry Riley is a massive tribute in honor of the pioneering composer on his 80th birthday. A labor of love and admiration from Sarah Cahill, unquestionably one of the finest pianists of our age.


'Pulse/Quartet' Is a Testament to Steve Reich's Engaging Compositional Voice

With excellent contributions from the International Contemporary Ensemble and the Colin Currie Group, Steve Reich's Pulse/Quartet is a shining work from a modern master.


Eluvium: Shuffle Drones (album review)

Ambient composer Eluvium's Shuffle Drones reimagines a common feature in any modern music player.


Readings on Eluvium: Putting Matthew Cooper into Perspective

In this interview, Eluvium describes the cognitive dissonance that birthed his new album and opens up about his perceived identity in the modern compositional landscape.


Kuba Kapsa Ensemble: Vantdraught 4

Kuba Kapsa's second installment in his Vantdraught is another victory for modern chamber music, being both adventurous and accessible.


Kangding Ray: Cory Arcane

Forget the minimal techno you have known so far, because Kangding Ray has managed to manipulate the very essence of the genre to combine the raw (the glitch) with the refined (the melody).


'Cop Car' Is Thrilling Barebones Filmmaking

Utilizing minimalism to great success, Cop Car proves that a simple premise doesn't mean a dull film.

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