Counterbalance 25: Television - 'Marquee Moon'

Television’s 1977 masterpiece Marquee Moon is the 25th Greatest Album of All Time, but is it too “too too” to put a finger on? Counterbalance sees it all backward.


Counterbalance No. 4: 'The Velvet Underground and Nico'

The Velvet Underground & Nico's self-titled debut album started as all hype thanks to Andy Warhol, but it somehow managed to become one of the most influential records of all time. Has this record outlasted its 15 minutes of fame? Peel slowly and see.


Patti Smith's 'Wave' Turns 40: Why the Punk Poet's Pop Album Is Also Her Greatest

Wave's status as Patti Smith's most unapologetically pop album reveals the most authentically "punk" gesture of her career: rejecting the idea that her genre capabilities begin and end with that four-letter word.


Hawkwind Hit a Late-Career High With 'All Aboard the Skylark'

The nostalgia circuit will have to wait a while. Hawkwind have just released an album that borrows from the 1970s, but still sounds relevant in 2019.


Bar/None Records Deliver Important Entries Expanding Alex Chilton's Legacy and Catalog

The exploration of Alex Chilton's recording career and legacy is expanded by Bar/None Records' dual release of From Memphis to New Orleans and Songs from Robin Hood Lane.


Crack Pipes, Legendary Austin Soul/Garage Outfit Returns With First Album in 11 Years, 'Fake Eyelashes' (album stream)

You may not have a volume knob that reaches high enough for how loud the Crack Pipes' Fake Eyelashes needs to be played. Keep America dirty.

Jedd Beaudoin

Don't Quit Your Day Job, Brother Wayne: MC5 and 'The Hard Stuff'

This rock memoir reads like Kramer set up an AA meeting and then didn't want to stand up and give his share.


Lou Reed Gets the Gritty '70s-era New York Treatment in 'A Life'

Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis has written an arresting, confrontational, and oftentimes beautiful biography of the notoriously cagy musician.


Musicians Are Cowards: An Interview with Pere Ubu's David Thomas

Rock savant David Thomas, of art "punk" acts Pere Ubu and Rocket from the Tombs, weasels his way out of logical contradictions surrounding the early days, consumer culture, and the state of music today.


Various Artists: Kris Needs Presents... Dirty Water: The Birth of Punk Attitude

Kris Needs's compilation of proto-punk and the music that influenced the late '70s punk music movement often feels like his own personal mixtape, and not a cohesive collection.


The Sonics: 7 December 2009 - Paris

The Sonics always went into shows trying to blow peoples' heads off. Decapitate they didn't, but a good show they did deliver.


Why Does the Music Have to End?: An Interview with Lou Reed

Three decades letter, Metal Machine Music gets a classical reworking. Lou Reed talks with PopMatters about this legendary album and Zeitkratzer's interpretation of it.

Evan Sawdey
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