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Box Brown Takes on the Ultimate Weed Killer in 'Cannabis'

As cannabis legalization spreads, Box Brown's graphic novel, Cannabis, examines the sordid and racist history of how it became demonized in the first place.


Elective Affinities at the 2012 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

The Full Frame Film Festival is a rich collection of “elective affinities” that forces us to ponder the relationships between stories placed side-by-side, like so many books on a shelf.

Jyllian Gunther, Isaac Miller, Amy Carroll and Kevin Greer

War on Drugs: 21 February 2012 - Paris, France

Somewhere mid-set, as the harmonica wailed the intro to "Arms like Boulders", the opening track from 2008’s Wagonwheel Blues, it became clear that no number of technical issues would diminish the joy of the evening's performance.

Rory O'Connor

Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town by Nick Reding

This is not so much a prescription for how the meth problem might be remedied as a lament for the slow death of rural America.

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