Young Rebel Set – “Yesca and the Fear (Live at Sofar London)” (video) (Premiere)

Check out a performance by the up-and-coming British indie rockers Young Rebel Set at the intimate Sofar venue in London, the National-indebted "Yesca and the Fear".

One would be forgiven for calling Young Rebel Set a British-ier version of the National. The gruff vocals of Matthew Chipchase and the minor seventh chords favored by the guitars certainly carry with them echoes of LPs like The National’s Alligator and Boxer. (Young Rebel Set’s most recent album is called Crocodile, which is but one indication that it is a spiritual successor to the former LP by its American counterparts.)

But unlike that most revered of American indie institutions, Young Rebel Set don’t wallow in obtuse lyrics and aggressively understated arrangements. Furthermore, there’s a distinct Britishness to the group’s sound, one that makes them stand out amongst a continual rash of young musicians coming out of the United Kingdom. “Yesca and the Fear”, a track off of Crocodile, is a fine example of the band’s sound, with a melancholic chord progression on acoustic guitar forming a plaintive background to Chipchase’s lyrical musings.

Three members of Young Rebel Set recently took to the intimate Sofar Sounds venue in London to play “Yesca and the Fear”, the video of which you can watch below.

You can check out other performances at Sofar Sounds though its YouTube channel.

Crocodile is out now via Warner Bros UK/Ignition.