Ben Stalets - "Lost" (audio) (Premiere)

Rustic songwriter Ben Stalets serves up Appalachian-tinged folk on his newest track, "Lost".

Toledo, Ohio’s Ben Stalets has a time out of mind quality about him, of sidestepping from contemporary musical trends. Rough and rustic, his new single “Lost” is built around a soft chugging rhythm and gritty harmonies. A bit of ragtime piano flares up unexpectedly, setting up the light ivory twinkling and an antique fiddle that winds its way through the dense backdrop. Thick with an Appalachian folksiness, it has that aura of soaking under a grey rain. Despite the autumnal feel, "Lost" still laced with a whimsical perspective.

Stalets is currently on the road, in the midst of a mini-tour. Check out the dates below here:

Nov. 13 — Pink Mistress, Athens, OH

Nov. 14 — Cricket Cave, Huntington, WV

Nov. 15 — Boulevard Tavern, Charleston, WV

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