The Rua – “Follow” (video) (Premiere)

Part four of PopMatters' six week series on the new album by the up-and-coming UK sibling trio the Rua focuses on the track "Follow".

The all-sibling trio called the Rua, comprised of 22-year old Roseanna Brown (voice and guitar), 24-year old Alanna Brown (piano and backing vocals) and 19-year old Jonathan Brown (violin, guitar, vocals and backing vocals), has already caused a splash in its native United Kingdom with its debut album, Essence. With that LP about to see its United States release, the Rua are offering listeners a chance to go behind the scenes of the making of the music on a track-by-track basis. The Rua’s knack for gripping melodies, in addition to their background in classical training, make them a rising talent to keep an eye out for.

This week marks the fourth issue of PopMatters‘ six-week series on Essence. This time the band breaks down the track “Follow”, which the trio describes as one of the “rock-ier” moments on the record.


Essence is set for a St. Patrick’s Day release in the United States, 17 March, via FOD.

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