The National Parks - 'Monsters of the North' (video) (Premiere)

Photo: Justin Hackworth

The sing-along chorus of the National Parks' 'Monsters of the North' is now met by a stunning lyric video replete with sharp nature images.

In August 2015, the Provo, Utah band the National Parks will release their sophomore LP Until I Live. As the lyric video for album cut "Monsters of the North" reveals, however, this seven-piece outfit has already readied itself for the summer months. With elegant typeface laid atop a string of beautifully photographed nature imagery, "Monsters of the North"'s lyric video feels like a whole summer rolled up into three minutes and 52 seconds. Combine that with a chorus that's perfect for road-trip singalongs and you've got a fine aural/video pairing.

Band member Brady Parks says to PopMatters, "'Monsters of the North' is one track from the new album we're especially excited to share. I wrote the original version after we first started touring in 2013 but it has evolved a lot since then, which is a good example of what has happened with the second album as a whole -- it has the same roots as our earliest stuff but it has grown quite a bit. The lyric video is pretty special to us too because the videographer, in addition to being insanely talented, is a close friend to the band and was on that very first tour with us. Normally we're really involved in our videos but because of her personal connection with the song we decided to let her just do her own thing on this one. And we couldn't be happier about it."

Until I Live is out on 4 August via Groundloop (iTunes pre-order).

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