Photo: Ashleigh Leigh Smith

Bend Sinister Has “Heard It All Before” in Their New Single (premiere)

Genre-blending indie rockers Bend Sinister give cynics a delectable anthem with their new single "Heard It All Before".

Whether you call them prog, math, alternative, or any other of the numerous labels that rock music has picked up over the past few decades, Bend Sinister is, at its core, an unabashed rock ‘n’ roll band. Over their 17 years of putting in their dues, the Vancouver rockers have taken all of these various styles and influences and tossed them into a blender that—not unlike what bands like Punch Brothers and I’m With Her are doing for bluegrass—has resulted in something innovative and new. They’re still gaining steam nearly two decades in, too, turning out a Top 40 single in the form of “Walk the Other Way” from their most recent EP. Now, they’re following it up with what’s sure to be another hit with the rip-roaring “Heard It All Before”.

Decorated with indignance, the band lives up to their name on this new single as they give cynics a delectable anthem to dance along with. Instances of breakneck breakdowns and indelible riffs are only topped by the overall way in which they deliver so much disenchantment with such a positive and captivating progression. Bend Sinister’s Joseph Blood tells PopMatters, “‘Heard It All Before’ is a bit of a cynic’s anthem, but really it’s the feeling we all get any time some dingbat comes to your door trying to sell you a better version of an alarm clock. Or maybe it’s about relationships or something. Or drugs. Is this a drug song?”

Their upcoming full-length album, Foolish Games, is set to be released in May 2018.