DM3 - "Please Don't Lie" (audio) (premiere)

It's amazing what a harmonica solo by Mitch Easter can do to a song.

Veteran Australian band DM3 will be releasing their new record West of Anywhere on 13 November via Alive Naturalsound Records. A collection of remastered favourites and previously unreleased mixes, it serves as a perfect introduction to the band, whose knack for hard-edged power pop is damn near masterful at times. A prime example is a new version of "Please Don't Lie", which can be heard below.

"When I was going through the master tapes I noticed there were two versions of this song which I'd completely forgotten about," explains frontman Dom Mariani. "The one on this disc has this really cool harmonica line in the middle eight which was played by Mitch Easter. I wasn't sure about it at the time and we opted to release the version without, but I guess with the passing of time having heard it again it was a real surprise and now I love it. Mitch was right!"

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