Erica Eso Blends Gorgeous Dream Pop With R&B on New Single "Love-gun" (premiere)

Photo: Theo Cote

Brooklyn art pop ensemble Erica Eso builds out their experimental pop sound on new album and stellar single "Love-gun".

Brooklyn's Erica Eso is an art pop ensemble with an experimental streak creating forward-looking pop music that's highly evocative and full of atmosphere. Their debut album 2019 released in 2015 when the ensemble was a bit more of a bedroom pop project. Now, the group has expanded their sound with a full band, exploring the wider range of options afforded by the state-of-the-art recording studio. It's an exciting progression in their sound and points towards an artistically satisfying future for Erica Eso.

Erica Eso's latest album 129 Dreamless GMG releases 16 March via the always interesting NNA Tapes label our of Burlington, Vermont. "Love-gun" is the new single and it's a mesmerizing blend of dream pop and mellow R&B vibes that carries one away into the Erica Eso world.

Composer Weston Minissali tells PopMatters that "like most of my songs, I didn't set out to 'say' anything too literal in 'Love-gun'. I think of it more like a gentle pointing towards different areas of life and how maybe they're more connected than you might assume, or in a way that could never be articulated. It's mysterious to me because I never consciously decided to do this, but I'm realizing now that it's not the first song I've written that blends reflections on falling in love with women, navigating queerness and processing the death of my father.

"In the instrumental sections following each chorus, I was trying to capture that feeling of walking through the forest or thick bushes and having leaves and twigs brush up against you as you inch forward."

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