Photo: Jennifer Deutrom / Courtesy of Season of Mist

Mark Deutrom Issues Taste of First Solo Album in Nearly Six Years Via “Nothing Out There” (premiere)

Ex-Melvins man Mark Deutrom's new track "Nothing Out There" is a strange, wonderful journey that will please fans of heavy rock, baroque pop, and psychedelic music.

Mark Deutrom (ex-Melvins) has spent much of 2018 reissuing past releases via Season of Mist. All along he’s promised new music somewhere at the end of that cycle, and on 4 January 2019 he’ll release the first album under his own name in almost six years, The Blue Bird. The new set is being referred to as a “prismatic audio storybook” which explores melody, space, nuance, and volume. With “Nothing Out There”, one gets a sense of the LP’s cinematic scope and Deutrom’s deft touches as a writer, arranger, performer, and producer. Neither a full-on sonic assault nor an overly polite pop journey, the track encapsulates a diverse range of moods in a singular fashion that speaks to Deutrom’s particular genius.

The ever-enigmatic Texas-based musician describes the track as “a cursory glance at resignation and the loss of mystery via Nietzsche and the Ringo Starr tea towel technique”. What could be a better description of this staggering work of beauty?


1. No Space Holds the Weight
2. Futurist Manifesto
3. Radiant Gravity
4. O Ye of Little Faith
5. Our Revels Now Are Ended
6. Hell is a City
7. Somnambulist
8. Maximum Hemingway
9. Through the Ringing Cedars
10. They Have Won
11. On Father’s Day
12. The Happiness Machine
13. Nothing Out There