Oceanwires Imagine a Union of Television, Savages on "Beware the Heartless" (premiere)

Photo: Niffer Calderwood / Courtesy of Clarion Call

Combining talents from Head Like a Kite, Gibraltar, Long Dark Moon and Princess, Oceanwires readies new album, There Never Was a Was, for early 2019.

"Beware the Heartless" is the brand-new video from Oceanwires. The single, out November 9, is culled from the group's LP There Never Was a Was, out 15 February 2019. The ragged, jagged noise heard on this track might summon memories of Modest Mouse or Television but there's something undeniably fresh about this outfit; the music is propulsive, succinct and deliciously anthemic.

Oceanwires began three years ago as a project between Dave Einmo (Head Like a Kite), Aaron Starkey (Gibraltar) and an ancient Korg KR-55 drum machine. From the start the idea was to move away from preconceived and long-established ideas about songwriting, about collaboration. The group eventually expanded to include Jeff Baars on drums (Mike Johnson, Long Dark Moon) and Samantha Wilder on bass (Princess). There Never Was a Was was recorded and produced by Steve Fisk (Car Seat Headrest, Nirvana, Naked Giants, Soundgarden, Wedding Present, Low, Beat Happening) and Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon).

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