Pablie – ‘B Sides’ (album stream) (premiere)

The Spanish musician concludes his project with a gorgeous, sunny, organic blend of jazz and hip hop.

Spanish musician Sau Poler, who has released work under the moniker Pablie, has just released his final album as Pablie. B Sides might hint at being a “leftovers” album, but in actuality it’s a wonderful coda to Pablie’s body of work, in which instrumental hip hop is taken into a more organic direction, incorporating jazz and Spanish sounds, evoking the romantic, laid-back landscape of Poler’s home all the while.

B Sides is a very special album for me, it compiles a beautiful period on my life with great memories, moments and feelings,” Poler tells PopMatters. “The album is deeply influenced by the magnificence of Llançà and Cadaqués, two small villages from La Costa Brava where I spent long periods during the creation of this record. It’s an easy way to get inspired between the middle ground of nature and wild spots – surrounded by the sea, sun and mountains.

“My girlfriend showed me some nice places there and i quickly felt a spiritual and mystic connection with those parages. She has a very important role on this album, for example a track like ‘They Came From the Past’ is dedicated to her. Pablie was my alter ego and more focused on my love for abstract/instrumental hip-hop, downtempo and folk. I think the LP reflects a kind of a hypnotic and lonely vibe, it’s like a secret place inside your memories and dreams, something that you don’t want to let go.”

Purchase B Sides via Bandcamp.