Photo: Courtesy of SLK Associates

Submotion Orchestra Playlist Their Influences

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Leeds' Submotion Orchestra compile a list that pulls in everyone from Floating Points to Nancy Wilson.

Leeds’ finest Submotion Orchestra is celebrating an admirable ten years in existence with the release of a brand new single, “Show Me Love” – a dub meets jazz meets chill-out version of the Robin S’ original. For the jazz-influenced dubstep seven-piece who have beguiled throughout five superb albums and three EPs, the release feels like a deserved victory lap.

To mark the release of the single and to mark their tenth anniversary, the ensemble offer a peek into their influences by compiling a playlist for PopMatters, which pulls in everything from Floating Points and Moloko to Thom Yorke and Noname. The musicians describe their choices and elaborate on the impact these artists have had on them.

Tommy’s track selections (drummer):

“The Other Side” – Moonchild

It’s an absolutely beautiful track from their new album. The piano solo is amazing, and the way it all builds into the second drop is incredible. I’m a big fan of Moonchild anyway, and I didn’t think their new album would be as good as it is, but it’s amazing.

“90 Degrees” – Yazmin Lacey

Yazmin Lacey is one of my favorite British soul/jazz singers. She’s a part of that whole new wave jazz scene in the UK, which is really exciting.

“The Masquerade Is Over” – Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley

This track is one of my favorite jazz tracks and probably my favorite jazz vocal performances. The leadline on this record by Nancy is just extraordinary.

“A Brain in a Bottle” – Thom Yorke

I mean anything by Thom Yorke is bonkers good, but this is one personally stands out to me and is one of my favorite tracks of his.

Ruby’s Track selections (singer):

“On II U” – Alex Isley

She’s the daughter of one of the Isley Brothers, and I really love everything she makes. Her voice is incredible, and songs are all quite bittersweet love songs.

“Not Over You” – Elijah Fox, Marie Dahlstrøm, Moo Latte

Similarly to Alex Isley, this track has that bittersweet/love edge to it. It’s a really pretty track, and Marie’s vocals are really beautiful and delicate. Marie Dahlstrøm is one of my favorite vocalists.

Simon’s Track Selections (horns):

“Cure” – Moonchild

It’s a beautiful tune by LA-based band signed to Tru Thoughts label here in the UK. Alluring vocals and interesting instrumentation make for a great combination.

“Azymuth” – Noya Rao

Hailing from Leeds (like us) interesting and drawing from many influences with the electronic spectrum.

“Silhouettes (l, ll, & lll)” – Floating Points

Great to hear Floating Points using real instruments, and the result is just as classy as his usual modular synth explorations.