Reverso Fuse Jazz, Improvisation, and European Art Music on 'The Melodic Line'

An unlikely trio of trombone, cello, and piano fuses jazz, creative improvised music, and European art music without sounding cobbled together. Reverso are Vincent Courtois, Ryan Keberle, and Frank Woeste.


"I Like to Feel There Are No Boundaries": An Interview With Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry

Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry discusses his latest album, Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2, and the ties that a musical life creates.

Jedd Beaudoin

Composer Luke Cissell Makes an Arresting Musical Statement with 'String Sextets Nos 1 & 2'

Kentucky-born, New York-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Luke Cissell continues to experiment across different genres with a pair of exquisite new chamber pieces.


Vessel's 'Queen of Golden Dogs' Paints a Gripping, Over-Saturated Opus

After a four-year absence, Vessel's Queen of Golden Dogs leaves behind desolate beats for stunningly over-saturated electronic and chamber compositions.


Rhian Sheehan's "The Absence of You" Mourns in Subtle Moonlight (premiere)

Rhian Sheehan's latest composition could just as well decorate a slice of sci-fi cinema as it could his forthcoming album as it wraps listeners in a gentle, ethereal despair.


The Durutti Column's 'Without Mercy' Gets the Expansive Reissue Treatment

A forgotten classic or a pretentious misstep? Durutti Column's Vini Reilly doesn't like Without Mercy, but he just might be wrong.


Partners in Dissonance: Michael Gordon and the Kronos Quartet Team Up for 'Clouded Yellow'

On-and-off collaborators since 2001, the Kronos Quartet and Bang on a Can co-founder Michael Gordon present an arresting collection of their shared works.


Sarah Cahill Honors Terry Riley in a Moving, Pristine Four-Disc Collection

Eighty Trips Around the Sun: Music by and for Terry Riley is a massive tribute in honor of the pioneering composer on his 80th birthday. A labor of love and admiration from Sarah Cahill, unquestionably one of the finest pianists of our age.


The Staves and yMusic: The Way Is Read

A folk-pop trio meets a chamber ensemble. The results? Inconclusive.


Scott DuBois: Autumn Wind

Scott DuBois is one of those highly capable guitarists who uses subtle tricks to paint broad pictures, and Autumn Wind is one vast modern jazz canvas.


Del Sol String Quartet: Dark Queen Mantra

Featuring a shining collaboration with Terry Riley, the Del Sol String Quartet have produced an excellent new music recording during their 25 years as an ensemble.


Esmerine: Mechanics of Dominion

The post-rock act fusing chamber music with near Eastern folk music tradition, Esmerine releases Mechanics of Dominion, offering a complete testament to their vision.


Sóley: Endless Summer

Endless Summer has an emotional precision that elevates it beyond your typical ode to the warmer seasons.


The Dear Hunter: Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional

While it feels a bit too much like Act IV, Part II at times, Act V is still another magnum opus.


Kuba Kapsa Ensemble: Vantdraught 4

Kuba Kapsa's second installment in his Vantdraught is another victory for modern chamber music, being both adventurous and accessible.


The Visit - "Through Darkness" (audio) (premiere)

Chamber, Middle Eastern, and metal influences inform this beautiful new track by the minimalist Canadian duo.


Ensemble Signal: Music for 18 Musicians

Ensemble Signal reproduce Steve Reich's '70s minimalist masterpiece with inhuman precision.


Elbow: Dead in the Boot

A fire is by its very nature a tantrum of elements -- instability made manifest. As it approaches equalization through conversion, it approaches calm. This is the same conceptual space occupied by Elbow’s Dead in the Boot.


Rachael Elliott: Polka the Elk

A charismatic exploitation of a chamber group's nimbleness.


NOW Ensemble - Awake / Chiara String Quartet/Matmos - Jefferson Friedman Quartets

The label New Amsterdam releases two albums from two different chamber music groups on the same day, showing us just how tricky and rewarding the classical subgenre can be.


Joel Harrison String Choir: The Music of Paul Motian

This chamber music tribute to the music of Paul Motian deserves more discussion than it will likely receive.


Steve Reich: Double Sextet/2x5

In 2009, composer Steve Reich received the Pulitzer Prize for his composition "Double Sextet". Nonesuch's pairing of "Double Sextet" with a similar composition, "2x5", produces a mixed bag.

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