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Travis Laplante and Peter Evans – ‘Secret Meeting’ (album stream) (premiere)

Travis Laplante and Peter Evans – ‘Secret Meeting’ (album stream) (premiere)

On Friday, February 5, NNA Tapes will release Secret Meeting, the first collaboration between saxophonist Travis Laplante and trumpeter Peter Evans. And as far as collaborations go, it is a pure one. Both are playing from the hip, running back and forth between peaceful pedal tones and lightening-fast skronk. Stylistically falling somewhere between Laplante’s avant-garde super group Little Women and his breathy side-project Battle Trance, Secret Meeting is a sprawling album celebrating “an umbilical cord-like connection” between the two musicians.


1. After the End (17.18)

2. Nothing is what it seems (9:54)

3. Secret Meeting (8:20)

4. Sand (8:31)

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