Photo: Laura E. Partain

Wild Rivers Leave the Worst Behind with “I Won’t Be Back” (premiere)

Americana's Wild Rivers celebrate the end of a bad relationship in style with their scorching new single and music video, "I Won't Be Back".

Hot on the heels of the recent release of their new EP, Eighty-Eight, four-piece Americana outlet Wild Rivers are doubling down on their artistic output from the album with a brand new music video to boot. “I Won’t Be Back” is a folk-tinged scorcher that bookends the five-track EP with a declarative bang, sounding as fiery and definitive in its message as its name would imply. The band takes its celebration a step further in the song’s music video, chronicling the story of a messy breakup from beginning to end until Wild Rivers are seen burning old photos out at a past-cleansing bonfire.

Wild Rivers tells PopMatters, “‘I Won’t Be Back’ is about coming to terms with a finished relationship, and the mixed feelings that can come with that. We wanted the tone of the video to capture both sides, the sadness over lost love as well as the celebration of a fresh start.”

Wild Rivers’ Eighty-Eight is out now.