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"I’m Never Quite Sure What to Expect": An Interview with Rufus Wainwright
25 Jul 2010 // 5:00 PM

Just as he kicks off the next leg of the tour supporting his stark, cathartic album revolving around his mother's passing, Rufus Wainwright talks to PopMatters about Shakespeare, Stieglitz, and how the first half of his performance each night is one of the hardest things he's ever had to get through.


Rufus Wainwright: Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets
22 May 2016 // 9:10 PM

Tightly curated and ultimately exhilarating, Wainwright fashions nine of the bard’s classics into a mini-opera.

Rufus Wainwright: Vibrate: The Best of Rufus Wainwright
10 Apr 2014 // 9:03 PM

Some questionable choices, but otherwise a good place to start in the man's discography.


Word Painting with Elliott Smith and Rufus Wainwright
21 Jul 2010 // 2:00 AM

“Word painting” is a technique in which the music of a song reflects or expands upon the meaning of the accompanying lyric. First used by

Spectacle: Elvis Costello with Rufus Wainwright (Episode 7)
13 Jan 2009 // 8:00 PM

Elvis Costello wears a silly hat throughout this episode of Spectacle. It distracted me. (The offending accessory is a red, short-brimmed fedora that appears to


Rufus Wainwright's rich voice on sober subjects
6 Aug 2010 // 4:30 AM

"Having a voice like mine is like having a rabid dog you have to muzzle — or release against your enemies." Rufus Wainwright is reflecting on

Guess who's coming to 'Dinner'? Rufus Wainwright, for starters
26 Apr 2010 // 1:27 AM

NEW YORK — Rufus Wainwright is grating parsnips. Judging from the way he is making faces and the way the elegant ring Elton John gave the

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"Our foray into the adventure-game-style version of the Borderlands continues.

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