Photo courtesy of the Planetary Group

Cannons Go “Round and Round” with New Single (premiere)

Los Angeles-based indie poppers Cannons release their next scorcher with the ensnaring "Round and Round".

Los Angeles-based Cannons are ready to set the indie pop scene ablaze. Frontwoman Michelle Joy provides the primary set piece with her ensnaring vocals as they slink their way through glistening, hook-laden wonderlands of sound developed by Ryan Clapham and Paul Davis. They’ve already accrued their fair share of accolades after forming just five years ago, with consistent placements on some of LA’s top radio stations, as well as on the first season of HBO hit Ballers. Now, we’re finally able to see the full culmination of these years of experience for Cannons with their second EP, In a Heartbeat.

Ahead of the release of In a Heartbeat, Cannons are sharing their next single, “Round and Round”, with PopMatters. Pulling from rhythmic R&B and throwback electropop alike, the trio’s contemporary sound is delectably derived from old-school frills. Featuring a prominent, bouncy bass line and the jangle of understated synth and electric riffs, Clapham and Davis succeed once again in producing a compelling world for Joy’s lilting vocals to dance in. Nestled snug somewhere between the likes of recent indie successes like MisterWives, Grimes, and even Escondido, there’s a little bit of something for everyone with Cannons.