The Chapin Sisters
Photo: Seth Thomas / Fanatic Promotion

The Chapin Sisters Sing “All Through the Night” (premiere)

The Chapin Sisters return after five years with the gorgeous folk lullaby “All Through the Night”, produced by Rusty Santos.

The Chapin Sisters are back for the first time in five years—first with “Bergen Street” earlier this year and now “All Through the Night”. The meditative folk song is a warm embrace of positive affirmations that began its life as a lullaby for Abigail’s oldest when they were a baby. With production from Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear) and contributions from Noah Kittinger (Bedroom), it became more like a universal anthem and an exercise in calm. The Chapin Sisters‘ trademark harmonies encapsulate the song’s wistful melody, and though a clear path can be drawn to its origins as a lullaby, the intimate nature of its delivery makes a memorable mark.

The gorgeous singalong tune is an unsuspecting addition to the Chapin Sisters’ catalog, even for the artists themselves. Abigail admits, “I never really thought of ‘All Through the Night’ as material for the Chapin Sisters. I never even wrote it down over the years. It would just run through my mind. But, when you remember the lyrics and tune of a song that’s never written down, then there is something there.”

“It’s a song about taking care of someone you love, taking care of them physically and emotionally, telling them what they need to hear to be alright. I wrote it as a little intimate ditty for my kids, but once we laid down the track with the drums, the harmonies, Rusty’s amazing production, and Noah’s beautiful and epic guitars, bass, and keys, it felt more like an anthem than a lullaby. Sometimes you need to be told that things will be okay, whether you’re a kid trying to go to sleep or an adult trying to make it through the day. The simplest kind of reassurance is sometimes all you need.”