Corb Lund
Photo: Noah Fallis / New West Records

Corb Lund Mixes Country and MMA in “Out on a Win” (premiere)

“Out on a Win”, the new single from Corb Lund’s upcoming LP, El Viejo, releasing in February 2024, is classic Lund: Meticulous, thoughtful, and genuine.

El Viejo
Corb Lund
New West
23 February 2024

Canadian country and western singer-songwriter Corb Lund will issue his latest album, El Viejo, on 23 February 2024. The 11-song set was recorded at Lund’s home in Lethbridge, Alberta, with his band, the Hurtin’ Albertans. The collection, his first LP of original music since 2020’s Agricultural Tragic, was recorded only with acoustic instruments and voices, making for a live, immediate feel throughout. It also stands as a tribute to late Canadian music legend Ian Tyson, who Lund called both a mentor and friend.

“Out on a Win”, the new single from El Viejo, stands as a further testament to Lund’s formidable talents as a writer and singer. There is not a note, line, or vocal inflection misplaced. There is no sense that the song is labored or that the story it tells is anything less than true. This is classic Lund: Meticulous, thoughtful, and genuine.

He says about the song, “There’s a bunch of themes on my new album, El Viejo; lots of gambling songs in minor keys and one tune about accidentally getting too high on a gummy bear before a show in Colorado. I think this newest one is the first-ever country blues MMA song (somebody get it to Dana White!) It’s a sad tale about a broken down old fighter trying to get one more shot at the glory days.”