David Dondero Goes Post-Apocalyptic With "Easy Chair" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Courtesy Fluff & Gravy Records

Folk artist David Dondero's upcoming album, The Filter Bubble Blues, is a harrowing account of modern times. His new single "Easy Chair" is in part about "the narcissistic society perishes after one last photo of itself".

Singer-songwriter David Dondero returns with a new album, The Filter Bubbles Blues, on 17 January 2020 via Portland, Oregon's Fluff & Gravy imprint. "Easy Chair" exemplifies the album's chronicling of the American dream's death rattle amid political theatre, Internet hyperbole, and the anxiety of late capitalism. With unflinching honesty and a healthy dose of the truth, Dondero delivers a disturbing portrait of life in the era of post-truth.

Dondero reflected on the tune, writing, "A post-apocalyptic narrative from the perspective of a societal castaway. Not even realizing the house is burning all around while you sit in the easy chair immersed in the screen. The echo chamber mirroring your identity back to you. The ignorance and utter disregard for humanism. Thinking the bomb blast is beautiful, not knowing what it is. The narcissistic society perishes after one last photo of itself. Still searching for validation from the 'easy chair'."

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