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Ecstatic Vision Declares That It’s Time To “Shut Up and Drive” (premiere)

Ecstatic Vision's "Shut Up and Drive" challenges notions of heavy rock as it adds acoustic guitar and synthesizers to the spectrum.

It’d be easy to call Ecstatic Vision stoner rock and move on. There’s overdriven, droning guitar lines and a heavy emphasis on expansive grooves that one can sink their psychedelic teeth into for a few millennia as they travel the cosmic highways and offramps of the mind. But Ecstatic Vision have tapped into something that expands heavy rock’s vocabulary and moves into a far-out sonic galaxy where there is music in the spheres but the spheres vibrate on previously untold frequencies. You can hear it on the new track, “Shut Up and Drive”.” And drive it does. Straight into the depths of your psyche where it resonates for all time. Dig it: These aren’t your big brother’s drones, but they are the drones you’ve been seeking. Tap into these unearthly vibrations and appreciate their sonic radiance as well as Ecstatic Vision’s vision for the future of heavy.

Guitarist Doug Sabolicksays, “It’s what I would refer to as ‘easy-listening’ as far as Ecstatic Vision goes. It’s the first time I used an acoustic guitar on one of our records, but come on, I’m not making safe, digestible rock for the masses. Once the guitars and synth really heat up, prepare to trip out.”

“Shut Up and Drive” is on Ecstatic Vision’s new album, For the Masses, which arrives 20 September via Heavy Psych Sounds. It may be ordered in physical format or digital.

TOUR DATES (supporting label mate Brant Bjork)

September 12 St Louis, MO Firebird

September 13 Indianapolis, IN Citadel Music Hall

September 14 Youngstown, OH Westside Bowl

September 15 Baltimore, MD Otto Bar

September 16 Columbus, OH Woodlands

September 17 Buffalo, NY Iron Works

September 18 Boston, MA Middle East Upstairs

September 19 Brooklyn, NY Kingsland

September 20 Teaneck, NJ Debonair

September 21 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Knecktie

September 22 Providence, RI Dusk

September 23 New Haven, CT The State House

September 24 Brattleboro, VT Stone church

September 25 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace

September 26 Detroit, MI Magic Bag

September 27 Chicago, IL Reggie’s Rock Club

September 28 Milwaukee, WI Walker’s Point