Jenna Lotti - "Warning Signs" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Kiera Slye Photography

Jenna Lotti embraces self-empowerment on her newest single "Warning Signs".

Jenna Lotti embraces self-empowerment on her newest single. While it's entitled "Warning Signs", it actually has a hopeful message that is born out of a darker situation.

The LA-based Boston export paints a sonically crystalline world for her catchy vocals to dance in while she moves to empower others through her music. The accompanying music video, directed by Vassili Shields, helps to drive that overarching theme home.

On the video, Lotti says, "The video represents the evolution of a person who is in a bad relationship or a situation that they can't get out of. The beginning starts with me in a white outfit, representing innocence and vulnerability. As I enter the pool, I'm coming to the realization that everything is going underwater. After I accept this truth, I start to become stronger and resilient.

"That brings us to the scenes with the other girls in the woods. The girls represent power. We all come together and get stronger and stronger as the video progresses. The end of the video shows the spark of the relationship go out (literally with a sparkler ha!) and me being 'reborn' as I come back out of the water."

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