Maris Mesmerizes with Her Searing New Single, "White Knuckles" (premiere)

Photo: Hard Head Management

Having amassed an impressive grassroots following, "White Knuckles" is the latest single from teenage singer-songwriter Maris to be released amidst her pop ascension.

At just 19, Montana singer-songwriter Maris has already made a splash on the pop-rock scene. With a cinematic approach to her songwriting and a multi-faceted voice to match, she's amassed dedicated Instagram and Spotify followings from the ground up. Despite Maris' age, the burgeoning artist proves herself as a precocious tour de force capable of producing earworm pop creations with an air of confidence and authenticity. The groove-worthy "White Knuckles" proves as much, releasing today beside the PopMatters premiere of its accompanying lyric video.

Abundant with vivid imagery that morphs from one instance to the next alongside the Maris' lyrics, the video accentuates the funk-ridden gambol of the song's inherent rhythm whilst paying heed to underlying themes of letting go. Inundated by a cool, soul-driven instrumental collective that verges between jazz and electronic influence, "White Knuckles" is another slam dunk in the fast-rising up-and-comer's growing portfolio. With a captivating lyric video to match, Maris is hitting the ground running with her latest single launch.

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