Spike Lee's 'Da 5 Bloods' and Pedagogical Filmmaking in the Movement for Black Lives

As with Da 5 Bloods, Spike Lee's films are replete with experimental aesthetics that deconstruct the conventions of (white) Hollywood and re-frame and re-contextualize Black lives and Black history.


War's Degradation of the Human in Bergman's 'Shame'

Ingmar Bergman's Shame is one of his few films so blatantly concerned with the impositions of the external world,as opposed to the internal, subjective aspects of life.


Faceted Depictions of War: On Jan Němec's 'Diamonds of the Night' (Démanty noci)

Are fantasies mixed up with memories in Jan Němec's film adaptation of Arnošt Lustig's autobiographical story of surviving WWII, Diamonds of the Night (Démanty noci)? Will these babes forever be in the woods?


When Rationalism Tangled with Magic: 'A Supernatural War'

Exploring the charms and rituals believed to safeguard WWI soldiers makes A Supernatural War a fascinating read.


'Combat Obscura' Just Blows It All Up

In Combat Obscura, a jangled, jarring Afghan War documentary, a Marine Corps cameraman shows the flippant cynicism of combat in ways the military would rather we not think about.


Director Max Martini on 'SGT. Will Gardner'

From epic John Ford-type western shots to intimate close-ups, Director Max Martini talks about the filming methods used to convey PTSD in his latest, SGT. Will Gardner.


'On Her Shoulders': Awareness of Trauma Is Not Enough

In this interview with Director Alexandria Bombach centered on her recent documentary about Nadia Murad, On Her Shoulders, she reflects on how we process another's trauma, and how we might be moved beyond simply awareness.


'A Private War' Brilliantly Recalls a True Hero, War Correspondent Marie Colvin

Documentarian Matthew Heineman's debut feature is an inspiring tribute to war correspondent Marie Colvin, who dedicated her life to documenting the human cost of war.


Making Troy Great Again: On Shakespeare's 'Troilus and Cressida' and Trump's Ugly Political Rhetoric

The Trump presidency is Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida made real – only it's stripped of the mythology and just lying bare and ugly for all to see.


'Troy: Fall of a City' Was Overlooked for the Wrong Reasons

Troy: Fall of a City tries to attack our racial prejudice but reveals more about our Classical ignorance.

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Honouring Ordeal in the Trenches: Interview with Journey's End Director Saul Dibb

This remembrance of World War I in today's Brexit Britain illuminates the public's ignorance towards the bloody lessons of the past.

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The Cyclic Nature of Struggle: Interview with 'Afghan Cycles' Director Sarah Menzies

For Afghan women, moving forward in a country that is moving backward is extraordinarily difficult. Sarah Menzies documents their pursuit of freedom and independence from the seats of their bicycles.


In Defense of Errol Morris's 'Standard Operating Procedure'

Morris knows how our own projections have been weaponized against both those in the Abu Ghraib photos and ourselves as the public consuming the photos, obfuscating the standard operating procedure of the title.


Game of Throne's Daenerys Targaryen Is Niccolò Machiavelli's Perfect Princ[ess]

If Niccolò Machiavelli were alive today he would enjoy the politically-charged and fantastical world of Game of Thrones, particularly the moral struggles of Daenerys Targaryen.


Short Stories: Casualties of War

These five stories by Zadie Smith, Mohammed Naseehu Ali, Helen Oyeyemi, Hassan Blassim, and Muna Fadil, highlight the lives of innocents tangled in the machinations of war.


Genocide and the Benevolence of 'The Beekeeper'

Using techniques applied in his work, an Iraqi beekeeper rescued Yazidi and Christian minority women and children from Daesh during the recent Sinjar massacres.


'We’ll Always Have Casablanca'

Even if you don't agree with Umberto Eco that "Casablanca is not one movie; it is 'movies'," you can still learn a lot by reading Isenberg's book and have a great time in the process.


Andrei Konchalovsky's Holocaust Film 'Paradise' Draws Illusions ​in the Ruins

Using documentary-style interviewing techniques and three narrators, Konchalovsky's work brings to mind well-known literary naturalists like Jack London and Stephen Crane.


Oscar-Snubbed 'Foxtrot' Is a Deft Commentary on Systemic Corruption and Grief

What do we even know about war, Foxtrot seems to ask, except that it's a dance that will surely never end.


'Hotel Silence' Unpacks a Crisis of Masculinity

The protagonist's blind allegiance to dominant conceptions of masculinity is so ingrained in his psyche that he never contemplates resistance.


Cary Grant Blu's: 'Operation Petticoat' and 'Father Goose'

The extras in these Olive Films Blu-rays will give you a new appreciation for these films.


Necessity, Not Ambition: Sonia Kronlund on Her Documentary, 'The Prince of Nothingwood'

If The Prince of Nothingwood will popularly be remembered for celebrating the creative spirit of its star Salim Shaheen, it is equally an important communication on Afghanistan, it's culture and its people.


'Foxtrot' Is a 'Catch-22' for Our Time

Samuel Maoz's philosophical black comedy is a triptych of surrealism laced with insights about warfare and grief that are both timeless and timely.


Apocalypse, American Style

Apocalypse Now is the most iconic American film about America's War in Vietnam. But we are not here to expand the myth. We are here to explode it.


The Difference Between Truth and Honesty: Director Richard Linklater on 'Last Flag Flying'

"Little lies. It's social lubrication," says Linklater, "verbal alcohol, so that we can all kind of get along."


'Land of Mine' Explores the Intolerable Costs of Nationalistic Vengeance

Land of Mine is perhaps the most powerful denunciation of nationalism's destructive force as we'll see on movie screens in 2017.


Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: Storytelling in War Games

Conflict is necessary for storytelling, and video games have often used one of the most overt representations of conflict possible to tell their tales, the battlefield.


Juxtapositions of Beauty and Destruction in Michael Cimino's 'The Deer Hunter'

Unlike war films to follow, there's no post-war celebration to be had in The Deer Hunter.


Drawing Disaster: Comics, War and Trauma

Hillary Chute's Disaster Drawn reveals that comics may be the most useful form for witnessing war and trauma.


'Eye in the Sky' Shows There Is No Remove When Waging War from a Distance

For all the intelligence and firepower that such technology allows, drones also raise pressing questions, laid out in Eye in the Sky with a schematic and often unnerving precision.


The Moving Pixels Podcast Steps Over 'The Line'

Spec Ops: The Line is rife with atrocities and tragedies, and challenges us to consider the choices we make in video games and in the real life "game" of war.


Another Kind of Horror: 'When Paris Went Dark'

When Paris Went Dark is a penetrating history of the anxiety, confusion, claustrophobia, and uncertainty experienced by a city in the grip of an unpredictable menace.


Five Observations About the 2015 Rock Hall of Fame Ballot

The just-unveiled ballot for next year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction class attempts to honor Generation X as well as continue to rectify past oversights.


'Lone Survivor' Is a Formidable Piece of Storytelling

Both a visceral and heartbreaking experience, Lone Survivor honors truth through fiction in a way that is both rare and haunting.


What Happened to Imperial Russia's Most Powerful Aristocratic Families?

In Former People, Douglas Smith follows the fates of two families during the revolutions and Civil War that played out across Russia between 1917 and 1922, and he continues to track the fates of those who chose to remain in the Soviet Union.


'Which Way is the Frontline From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington'

Best known as a war zone correspondent, photographer Tim Hetherington was dedicated, thoughtful, and very good at what he did.

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