Vanishing Kids
Photo: Lacey Smith

Experience Vanishing Kids’ Hazy Doom Psychedelia (premiere)

Vanishing Kids take a dreamy approach that elevates Miracle of Death, giving it a hallucinogenic presence but without sacrificing weight or momentum.

Before it was cool, Vanishing Kids were already tampering with psychedelic rock infusions and retro-modernisations. Keeping a low-key and DIY approach, they quietly released five records since their inception in the early 2000s. Yet, as time passed, Vanishing Kids would attenuate their indie rock leanings and strive towards a darker, post-punk-informed sound. This has now led to the release of Miracle of Death, their most complete work to date. 

The Black Sabbath-ian DNA is front and center, providing weight and grit to the riffs. But Vanishing Kids have further adorned with the latter-day interpretations of acts like Place of Skulls, and especially their With Vision era, as well as the psychedelic leanings of Jex Thoth. It is this dreamy approach that elevates Miracle of Death as a whole, giving it a hallucinogenic presence but without sacrificing weight or momentum.

Case in point, “Only You” is one of the record’s catchier offerings, which we have the immense pleasure of presenting its music video. The bassline cooks up a storm, the riffs soon joining in with their 1970s allure. It leads to this Bacchian recital, Vanishing Kids gleefully losing themselves into an intoxicating groove. The chorus cuts in as a singular beam of light within this gothic atmosphere, a welcome earworm that will stay with you for a while. The video mirrors so much of the simple yet potent approach that Vanishing Kids undertake. The stripped-down setting of the band playing in a rehearsal space is beautifully augmented through delay effects and psychedelic colors to craft a tremendous visual dissonance.


November 15 – Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle
November 16 – Cleveland, OH @ No Class
November 17 – Columbus, OH @ Spacebar
November 18 – Louisville, KY @ Kaiju Bar
November 19 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
December 2 – Madison, WI @ The Bur Oak