Photo courtesy of AdditivePR

Alps 2 and Harry No Release Eclectic Single “Madness at Toni’s Chip Shop in Wishaw” (premiere)

Alps 2 and Harry NoSong's "Madness at Toni's Chip Shop in Wishaw" is a dizzying mix of mangled 2-step rhythms and woozy tranquil electronics.

Manchester-based collective, Alps 2 release the delightfully lo-fi video for their second single to be released on Manchester’s Selby Soul label. The fantastically titled “Madness at Toni’s Chip Shop in Wishaw” sees the group collaborate with Brighton’s Harry No on a wonderful mix of mangled 2-step rhythms and woozy, placid electronics.

Opening with lightly punched percussion and hazy ambient synths, the track quickly morphs into something different entirely as it’s loaded it with trippy, vocal moans and clubby breakbeats. It’s that shift from soothing, tranquil electronics to rapid, gamboling beats that make it such an engaging ride, like stumbling upon a garage club night in an oasis paradise.

As with the previous single, “I Could Be Wrong”, it’s a skillfully balanced track from two artists pooling their unique talents and their contrasting approaches to superb effect.