On "Take Me Home", Jacob Miller Seeks the Balance Between Love and Compromise (premiere)

Photo: Ryan Oxford / Lucky Bird Media

Portland singer-songwriter Jacob Miller infuses jazz elements into the next pop-ready single from his debut album, This New Home. Hear "Take Me Home" now.

While Jacob Miller has been making music professionally for the past decade, This New Home marks the singer-songwriter's debut full-length album. Set to release on 6 June, the Portland, Oregon artist's first LP fully illustrates the two most major influences that he's carried with him since the dawn of his artistry–jazz training and an adventurous heart. Written and recorded entirely by Miller in his Portland abode, the album's themes converge on the idea of finding a home inside of an enlightened state of mind.

Ahead of This New Home's release, Miller is sharing one of its cuts, "Take Me Home", exclusively with PopMatters. Jazz elements are evident in the song's sprightly guitar tones, subtle horns, and the gentle melodies that they inhabit. Although, "Take Me Home" also showcases Miller's innate knack for developing infectious, pop-ready hooks; despite his learned background, nothing comes across as pretentious.

On the tune, Miller tells PopMatters, "'Take Me Home' is the precursor to the album, and in my opinion is the most lighthearted. It's a song about love and compromise. It tells the story of a character who enjoys the nightlife but prefers solitude, and their partner who is most fulfilled in social settings. Naturally, they find themselves in social situations, and the song expresses the main character's desire to escape together and get lost in a world of their own."

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