Photo: Michael Flores / Courtesy of Sweetheart PR

Michael McArthur’s “How to Fall in Love” Isn’t a Roadmap (premiere)

In tune with classic 1970s folk, Michael McArthur weaves a spellbinding tale of personal growth and hope for the future with "How to Fall in Love".

Michael McArthur releases his second EP of 2020, How to Fall in Love today. The EP consists of acoustic versions of some tracks first heard on his acclaimed album, Ever Green, Ever Rain, plus two brand-new songs. “How to Fall in Love” summons memories of 1970s singer-songwriters Gordon Lightfoot and Michael Martin Murphy. It’s airy, ethereal, captivating, and the listener quickly senses the song’s immediacy and McArthur’s seeming ability to make time stand still.

He says, “The song isn’t a roadmap or a guide, but a reminder that real love takes a real fight. When you’re first starting out in a relationship or a marriage, nobody really talks about the fact that the person you are now won’t be the person you are in five years. Or five years after that, and so on. The same goes for the one you’re with. It turns out, the way to stay together is to commit to the never-ending search of who you are, and who they are. It takes a lifetime to fall in love.”