Photo: Caroline Traitler

Nosound Will Rescue You with “Saviour” (premiere)

The video for "Saviour" on Nosound's Allow Yourself does an ingeniously subtle job of ornamenting the song's lusciously haunting power.

Founded and led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Giancarlo Erra, Italian art rock quintet Nosound never fail to conjure incredibly nuanced sorrow and yearning. Their recently issued sixth studio LP, Allow Yourself, is no exception. While its stripped back and more experimental nature (leaning toward “an alternative and electronic direction”) is certainly polarizing among fans and critics (which Erra expected), the album is another fine example of Nosound’s intrepid desire to take their audience to unexpected yet uniquely affective places. Allow Yourself‘s ninth entry, “Saviour”, is undoubtedly one of its most lusciously haunting, and its recently released music video does an ingeniously subtle job of ornamenting that power.

According to Erra, the track’s evocative blend of lost piano chords, forlorn contemplation, and supportive strings came “naturally” and quickly, as if fully finished from its inception. It’s “one of the songs [he’s] most proud of, both within and outside of Nosound”. Lyrically, it offers “an underlying positive outcome” to Erra’s distressingly delivered questions (“When I go down / Will you come through?”), and thus, its title relates to the people we meet who unexpectedly become very crucial to us. He adds, “We were unable to recognize their presence, so we ask if they really are who we think they are, or we even wonder if they really exist.”

The video—comprised of beautifully understated and cryptic footage of a man and a woman crossing paths on a beach—is also among Erra’s favorite Nosound visual companion pieces. It was conceived to “partially explain the song but also to give space for more interpretations, keeping a minimalist approach of the track”. On that end, it succeeds wonderfully, welcoming the viewer to project their own experiences into the enveloping sounds and footage.

Let “Saviour” rescue you below. If inclined, you can purchase Allow Yourself (which was released by Kscope on 21 September 2018) here.